Coffee Production in Costa Rica - Production - Major Growing Regions and Seasons

Major Growing Regions and Seasons

The major growing regions and season are illustrated in the table below. The finest coffee is typically grown at altitudes of 1200 to 1700 metres, in a shorter winter growing season; the lower quality coffee is typically grown at altitudes below 1200 metres, in a longer growing season that lasts from late summer through to winter.

Region Altitude Harvest season Blend nature
West Valley 1200-1650m Nov-March High fine acidity
Very good body
Very good aroma
Tarrazu 1200-1700m Dec-March High fine acidity
Very good body
Very good aroma
Tres Rios 1200-1650m Dec-March High fine acidity
Very good body
Very good aroma
Orosí 900-1200m Sept-Feb Good acidity
Good body
Good aroma
Brunca 800-1200m Aug-Jan Normal acidity
Normal body
Normal aroma
Turrialba 600-900m July-Dec Normal acidity
Poor body
Good aroma

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