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In Eastern Orthodoxy and Eastern Catholicism, a useful distinction between liturgical vestments and clerical clothing is that vestments are required to be blessed before being worn. Conversely, clerical clothing is not, and is regarded as daily wear.

  • Inner Cassock: The inner cassock (more commonly, simply Cassock) is a floor length garment, usually black, worn by all clergy members, monastics, and seminarians.
  • Outer Cassock: Called a Ryasa (Russian: ряса) or Exorason, the outer cassock is a large, flowing garment worn over the inner cassock by bishops, priests, deacons, and monastics.
  • Skufia: A soft-sided cap worn by monastics or awarded to clergy as a mark of honor.
  • Kamilavka: A stiff hat worn by monastics or awarded to clergy as a mark of honor.
  • Apostolnik: A veil worn either by nuns, either alone or with a Skufia.
  • Epanokamelavkion: A veil extending over the back, worn with the Kamilavka by all monastics and bishops.
  • Klobuk: A Kamilavka with an Epanokamelavkion permanently attached; more common in the Russian tradition.

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