Clerical may refer to:

  • Pertaining to a cleric
    • Pertaining to a Clerical worker
  • Clerical script
  • Clerical People's Party

Other articles related to "clerical":

Clerical High School Of Saint Arsenije
... Clerical Grande école of Saint Arsenije, founded in 1794, is the first Serbian Clerical Grande école, founded three years after the Gymnasium of Karlovci by Mitropolitan ... The Clerical school was closed in 1914, after the World War I reestablished in Belgrade ... The modern Clerical school called "Saint Arsenije Sremac" was founded in 1964, in the Palace of the Common funds, built at the beginning of the 20th century by Patriarch Georgije ...
Chains (play)
... explores the lives of the lower middle class who filled up the clerical posts of the office world in Edwardian England ... their present lodger, has decided to abandon his clerical career and emigrate to Australia with what meagre savings he has in order to seek a new life ... abandons thoughts of Australia, accepts his fate with great bitterness and returns to his clerical job ...
Cáin Adomnáin
... The laws also provided sanctions against the killing of children, clerics, clerical students and peasants on clerical lands against rape, against impugning the chastity of a noblewoman, prohibited ... As with later clerical efforts, such as the Peace and Truce of God movement in millennial France, the law may have been of limited effectiveness ...
Chinese Script Styles - Clerical Script
... The clerical script (often simply termed lìshū and sometimes called "official", "draft", or "scribal" script) is popularly thought to have developed in the Hàn dynasty ... Clerical script characters are often "flat" in appearance, being wider than the preceding seal script and the modern standard script, both of which ... Seal script tended towards uniformity of stroke width, but clerical script gave the brush freer rein, returning to the variations in width seen in early Zhōu brushwork ...
Anti-clerical Art
... Anti-clerical art is a genre of art portraying clergy, especially Roman Catholic clergy, in unflattering contexts. 19th century, at a time that the anti-clerical message suited the prevailing political mood ... twentieth century artists known for their anti-clerical art include Francesco Brunery, Georges Croegaert, Charles Édouard Delort, Jehan Georges Vibert, and Eduardo Zamacois ...

Famous quotes containing the word clerical:

    How unpleasant to meet Mr. Eliot!
    With his features of clerical cut,
    And his brow so grim
    And his mouth so prim
    —T.S. (Thomas Stearns)

    Exporting Church employees to Latin America masks a universal and unconscious fear of a new Church. North and South American authorities, differently motivated but equally fearful, become accomplices in maintaining a clerical and irrelevant Church. Sacralizing employees and property, this Church becomes progressively more blind to the possibilities of sacralizing person and community.
    Ivan Illich (b. 1926)