Civil Service of The Republic of Ireland

Civil Service Of The Republic Of Ireland

The Civil Service (Irish: An Stát-sheirbhís) of Ireland is the collective term for the permanent staff of the departments of state and certain atate agencies who advise and work for the Government of Ireland. It consists of two broad components, the Civil Service of the Government and the Civil Service of the State. Whilst these two components are largely theoretical they do have some fundamental operational differences.

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Civil Service Of The Republic Of Ireland - Civil Service - Civil Service of The State
... The Civil Service of the State (Irish Stát-Sheirbhís an Stáit) is a relatively small component of the overall civil service, and its members are expected to be absolutely independent of the ... Civil servants in the offices of the Office of the Revenue Commissioners, Office of Public Works, Comptroller and Auditor-General, Courts Service of Ireland, Director of ... Certain other offices are also prescribed under the Civil Service of the State ...

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