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Weed Control

One of the primary methods of weed control in the Christmas tree farming industry is through the use of chemical herbicides. The use of herbicides and other pesticides is one of the key reasons Christmas tree farms have met with opposition from environmentalists. In applying herbicides growers must determine proper spray volume and timing. There are different types of herbicides that are used to control different types of weeds, they fall into two different categories. Soil applied herbicides combat germinating seedlings, and some offer control of newly established plants. Uniform application over the soil followed by moisture are required for soil applied herbicides to work effectively. Foilar-active herbicides control weed growth of already established, actively growing plants. Application of foliar-active herbicides requires farmers to avoid contact with the conifers.

Non chemical methods of weed control include rotary mowing and flailing. Rotary mowing is designed to cut unwanted vegetation 5–7 cm (2–3 inches) above the surface of the soil while flailing cuts the vegetation near the soil surface. This method of weed control reduced the loss of soil moisture and nutrients by reducing the size and the growth of the weeds. The act of cultivation disturbs weed growth, especially in the seedling phase, as well by disrupting the soil around roots. Another method of combating problem weeds, in areas that have not responded to other control methods, is the practice of spot hoeing or tilling.

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