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Soy Cheese - Analogue Pizza Cheese
... Further information Pizza cheese#Processed pizza cheeses One variant of pasteurized processed cheese dairy products are designed to melt well on pizza, while remaining chewy ... These types of cheeses are sometimes referred to as analogue pizza cheese They are used on some commercially-produced pizzas in North America ... These types of cheeses may be formulated for processing with basic cheese-making equipment but sans the additional equipment and processing that Mozzarella cheese requires, such as the processes of ...
List Of Greek Dishes - Cheese
... There is a wide variety of cheeses made in various regions across Greece ... Many artisanal hand made cheeses, both common varieties and local specialties, are produced by small family farms throughout Greece and offer distinct flavors atypical of the mass-produced ... A good list of some of the varieties of cheese produced and consumed in Greece can be found in the List of cheeses article, under the name of the country ...
Abbaye De Tamié (cheese) - Manufacture
... The cheeses are removed from the presses and put onto pallets which are then immersed in a bath of salty water for 2 or 3 hours, according to the size ... The cheeses are then ready to be matured in the cellar where they will lose some weight in accordance with the age-old tradition of the “Angels’ share” ... Cheeses are aged in the vaulted cellars of the abbey where the temperature is maintained at 14 °C, with high humidity ...
Beecher's Handmade Cheese - Cheese and Food Manufacturing
... The cheese factory is housed in a small, glass-walled facility in Seattle's Pike Place Market, on Pike Place between Stewart Street and Pine Street ... The location includes a retail shop and a café that features cheese-based meals ... Passers-by in the heavily touristed market can watch the cheese making process ...
... γραβιέρα, pronounced "ghrahv-YAIR-ah") is a cheese from Greece mainly produced on the Greek island of Crete ... It is not to be confused with the Swiss cheese gruyère, which is a related cheese that in some languages has a name similar to Graviera ... Made in wheels, the rind of the hard cheese is marked with the characteristic crisscross pattern of its draining cloth ...

Famous quotes containing the word cheeses:

    Some bring a capon, some a rural cake,
    Some nuts, some apples; some that think they make
    The better cheeses bring ‘em, or else send
    By their ripe daughters, whom they would commend
    This way to husbands, and whose baskets bear
    An emblem of themselves in plum or pear.
    Ben Jonson (1572–1637)