Certificate - Academic Qualification

Academic Qualification

  • Academic certificate
  • Professional certification, a vocational award
  • A confirmation that a person has passed a Test (assessment) to prove competence
  • Higher School Certificate (New South Wales), a school qualification in New South Wales, Australia
  • Victorian Certificate of Education, a school qualification in Victoria, Australia
  • Technical and further education#Qualifications awarded by TAFE colleges, a qualification offered by an education institution in Australia
  • Junior Certificate, a qualification attained by school students
  • Irish Leaving Certificate, a higher qualification attained by school students
  • National Certificate, an older higher education qualification
  • Higher Certificate, a newer higher education qualification
Hong Kong
  • Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination
United Kingdom
  • Certificate of Higher Education, awarded after one year full-time study at a university or other higher education institution

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    The academic expectations for a child just beginning school are minimal. You want your child to come to preschool feeling happy, reasonably secure, and eager to explore and learn.
    Bettye M. Caldwell (20th century)