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List Of Reformed Churches - Africa - Malawi
... Church of Central Africa Presbyterian - General Synod Church of Central Africa Presbyterian - Livingstonia Synod (covers all of northern Malawi) Church of Central ...
World Alliance Of Reformed Churches - Members (2006)
... Member churches are Congregational, Presbyterian, Reformed and united and uniting churches ... Belgium United Protestant Church in Belgium Bermuda Church of Scotland Bolivia Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Bolivia Botswana Dutch Reformed Church in Botswana ... and the Cayman Islands Japan Church of Christ in Japan Korean Christian Church in Japan Kenya Presbyterian Church of East Africa Reformed Church of East Africa Kiribati Kiribati ...
Lists Of Ethnic Groups - By Alphabet - A
... of black people in Israel Afrikaners South Africa 3,600,000 South Africans of mostly Dutch ancestry, but also including the descendants of French Huguenot and ... Anga Papua New Guinea Anglo-African South Africa 2,000,000 White African people of largely British descent who live or come from Sub-Saharan Africa and are. 280,000,000 originally from Arabia, now widespread throughout the Middle East and North Africa (see Arabization) and tens of millions of ethnic Arabs live worldwide in diaspora Arab ...

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    I who have cursed
    The drunken officer of British rule, how choose
    Between this Africa and the English tongue I love?
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    How can I turn from Africa and live?
    Derek Walcott (b. 1930)