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CASY Cell Counting Technology - Principle of CASY Technology
... Cell viability can be assessed based on the integrity of plasma membrane the living cells have intact plasma membranes whereas membranes of dead cells are broken ... When a cell is exposed to a low voltage field, the electric current cannot go though the intact membrane, which is an electric insulator, if it is viable ... broken, electric field can go through the injured cell as there are pores on their membrane ...
Racetrack Memory - Comparison To Other Memory Devices
... racetrack memory is SRAM, on the order of 0.2 ns, but is more expensive and has a feature size of about 45 nm currently with a cell area of about 140 F2 ... a burst of high voltage to remove this charge and reset the cell ... In addition, the use of the burst of high voltage physically degrades the cell, so most flash devices allow on the order of 100,000 writes to any particular bit before their operation ...
Cell Growth - Cell Size - Other Experimental Systems For The Study of Cell Size Regulation
... One common means to produce very large cells is by cell fusion to form syncytia ... For example, very long (several inches) skeletal muscle cells are formed by fusion of thousands of myocytes ... have revealed several genes that are required for the formation of multinucleated muscle cells by fusion of myoblasts ...

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    Delusions that shrink to the size of a woman’s glove,
    Then sicken inclusively outwards:
    . . . the incessant recital
    Intoned by reality, larded with technical terms,
    Each one double-yolked with meaning and meaning’s rebuttal:
    For the skirl of that bulletin unpicks the world like a knot....
    Philip Larkin (1922–1986)

    each in the cell of himself is almost convinced of his freedom,
    —W.H. (Wystan Hugh)