Celebrity Big Brother 2006 (UK)

Celebrity Big Brother 2006 (UK)

Celebrity Big Brother 2006, also known as Celebrity Big Brother 4, was the fourth series of the British reality television series Celebrity Big Brother. It was broadcast on Channel 4 from 5 January 2006 until 27 January 2006, running for three weeks. The first housemate to enter the house (and the eventual winner) was Chantelle Houghton, a girl from Essex and the first non-celebrity in a celebrity series. Her first task was to convince her celebrity housemates that she was actually a genuine celebrity herself – failure would have meant that she would have been evicted on Day 4. She was told to play the character of a pop star from the fictitious girl group Kandy Floss, and that her biggest "hit" was "I Want It Right Now". She succeeded in convincing the other housemates, and was allowed to stay.

This particular series was noted sometimes for its comedy, but more often for the extreme conflict that frequently broke out between the housemates versus Pete Burns's wearing of fur. Big Brother occasionally played on the conflict, or widening the already-present rift between them by encouraging each side to deceive one another in various events. By the time of the series finale, six housemates remained in the house. This was a first in Big Brother UK history and the next non-celebrity series, Big Brother 7, also adopted this format.

Chantelle and Preston took part in Ultimate Big Brother in 2010 and both made it to the final, with Preston finishing in sixth place and Chantelle finishing third.

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