Category B Services - Defunct Category B Services

Defunct Category B Services

  • CoolTV
  • Discovery Kids
  • Dusk
  • The Ecology Channel
  • Edge TV
  • Fine Living
  • Fox Sports World Canada
  • Global Reality Channel
  • HSTN
  • Leonardo World
  • MEGA Cosmos (unaffiliated with the current MEGA Cosmos channel in Canada)
  • MSNBC Canada
  • Niagara News TV
  • Persian Vision
  • RTVi+
  • Tonis
  • Video Italia
  • X-Treme Sports

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    Men will say that in supporting their wives, in furnishing them with houses and food and clothes, they are giving the women as much money as they could ever hope to earn by any other profession. I grant it; but between the independent wage-earner and the one who is given his keep for his services is the difference between the free-born and the chattel.
    Elizabeth M. Gilmer (1861–1951)

    The consciousness of being deemed dead, is next to the presumable unpleasantness of being so in reality. One feels like his own ghost unlawfully tenanting a defunct carcass.
    Herman Melville (1819–1891)

    I see no reason for calling my work poetry except that there is no other category in which to put it.
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