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Cho Kamen Rider Den-O & Decade Neo Generations: The Onigashima Warship - Pre-production and Casting
... The first new cast member to be announced was gravure idol Akina Minami ... The cast members of Den-O to return include the voice actors of the Tarōs, Sieg, and Deneb, as well as the actors portraying Naomi, Kohana, and Owner, among ... Also to be featured in the film are several cast members of the current Kamen Rider Series Kamen Rider Decade and some of the cast members of Kamen Rider Kiva ...
List Of All That Sketches - Sketches (Seasons 1-10) - Notable Sketches From Season 7-10
... Your Stars Seasons 7-10 A sketch that gave facts and info about a cast member or special guest ... a random voice that made a mockery of individual cast members or guest stars with embarrassing, wacky, funny, but untrue facts ... he was more annoying and bullying with the cast member/special guests for example trying to hit Christina Kirkman with a rock twice and hypnotizing Kyle Sullivan ...
Saturday Night Live (season 28) - Episodes
... E Street Band October 5, 2002 Will Forte and Fred Armisen's first episode as cast members ... and "Hot in Herre." Cameos for this episode include former SNL cast members Garrett Morris, Rob Schneider, and Adam Sandler 7 ... Robert De Niro Norah Jones December 7, 2002 Harvey Keitel makes a ... Former cast member Dan Aykroyd appears as Bob Dole in the cold opening ...
Saturday Night Live (season 11)
... However, Michaels would not be the only member of the old guard to return original writers Al Franken and Tom Davis would return as producers, and Jim Downey would be head writer ... With Ebersol's cast and writers gone, Michaels went out to find the rest of his staff ... appeared in uncredited bit parts from 1978 to 1980), Terry Sweeney, the first openly gay male cast member (and one of Jean Doumanian's writers during the show's 1980-1981 season), and Anthony ...
All That (season 1) - Episodes
16, 1994 (1994-04-16) 101 *Cold Open Cool Shoes The cast hangs out on the playground before the show starts comparing their latest in hip footwear, including a pair of shoes that dispenses yogurt and has a ... the same intro from the other episodes, this version had a completely different intro, where the cast is shown getting ready backstage before running off to do the show ... *The cast members want to get Da Brat's autograph before she performs, but not on paper ...

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