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Carlo Emanuele Pio Di Savoia - Life
... He was made cardinal deacon on 9 June 1604 by pope Clement VIII, and made deacon of San Nicola in Carcere on 25 June 1604 ... He was papal legate of the Marche in 1621, cardinal bishop of Albano from 14 June 1627, cardinal bishop of Porto and Santa Rufina from 15 June 1630, cardinal bishop of Velletri from 1638, bishop of ...
List Of Religious Leaders In 1220 - Christianity - Roman Catholic Church - Rome and Central Italy
... Pope - Honorius III, Bishop of Rome (1216–1227) The Pope's immediate suffragans included the suburbicarian dioceses Cardinal Bishop of Ostia and Velletri - Ugolino dei ...
Giovanni Morone - Biography - Incarceration On Orders of The Pope
... direct orders of Pope Paul IV, carried out by his nephew, Cardinal Carlo Carafa, Morone was imprisoned in the Castel Sant'Angelo (with others, including Bishop Egidio ... The College of Cardinals, led by their Dean, Cardinal du Bellay, demanded a Consistory the next day, and the Pope was forced to explain himself ... He stated that there had been questions about the orthodoxy of Cardinal Morone since the time of Paul III, and he also attacked Cardinal Pole ...
Carlo De' Medici (cardinal)
... Born in Florence, he had a successful career in the Church, rising to become Cardinal Bishop of Ostia and Dean of the College of Cardinals. 1615, and was made Cardinal Deacon of Santa Maria in Domnica ... to that of San Nicola in Carcere in 1623, and was the Cardinal protodeacon at the conclave of 1644 that elected Pope Innocent X ...
List Of University Of Santo Tomas People - Noted Honorary Thomasians
1987 President of the Philippines 1986–1992 Francis Arinze Igbo Nigerian Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church, current Cardinal Bishop of Velletri-Segni, Prefect Emeritus of the Congregation for Divine. 1944–1946 Eduardo Francisco Pironio Italian Cardinal-Bishop of the Roman Catholic Church Aurora Quezon Ph.D ... Red Cross Rufino Jiao Santos First Filipino Cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church 1953–1973 Jaime Sin S.T.D.(hc) 1977 Roman Catholic Archbishop of Manila 1974–2003 Andres Soriano D.C ...

Famous quotes containing the words bishop and/or cardinal:

    They shifted a little, but not
    to return my stare.
    —Elizabeth Bishop (1911–1979)

    The Poles do not know how to hate, thank God.
    Stefan, Cardinal Wyszynski (1901–1981)