Caravelle may be a reference to:

  • Caravelle, the French marketing name for the typeface Folio
  • Sud Aviation Caravelle, the short/medium-range jet airliner, produced by Sud Aviation
  • Sud Aviation Super-Caravelle, the design for a supersonic transport from Sud Aviation
  • Volkswagen Caravelle (disambiguation), minibuses/vans produced by Volkswagen
  • Renault Caravelle, the roadster automobile produced by Renault
  • Plymouth Caravelle, a sedan made by Chrysler Corporation from 1983 to 1988
    • Plymouth Caravelle Salon, a rebadged Dodge Diplomat sold in Canada
  • An alternate spelling of Caravel, a 15th century sailing ship
  • SS Caravelle, a Danish cargo ship in service 1938-20
  • Caravelle Hotel, Ho Chih Minh City. A center for reporters during the US-Vietnam War.

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The Caravelle Resort
... The Caravelle Resort is an oceanfront resort located in the "Golden Mile" section of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina ... The Caravelle opened on March 1, 1960 ...
Caravelle Hotel - History
... During the 1960s, the Caravelle was home to the Australian Embassy, the New Zealand Embassy, and the Saigon bureaus of NBC, ABC and CBS ... See for example the Caravelle Manifesto ... And so it remained until 1998, when the Caravelle name was relaunched ...