Capture The Flag

Capture the flag is a traditional outdoor sport where two teams each have a flag (or other marker) and the objective is to capture the other team's flag, located at the team's "base," and bring it safely back to their own base. Enemy players can be "tagged" by players in their home territory; these players are then, depending on the agreed rules, out of the game, members of the opposite team, sent back to their own territory, or "in jail". (One variation of the game includes a "jail" area in addition to the flag on each team's territory.)

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Project Torque - Game Modes - Capture The Flag
... Capture the Flag is an arena "cat and mouse" type mode played with 2-8 players ... One player grabs the flag and runs through checkpoints, while other players try to grab the flag away by running into the flag carrier ... The flag holder can also lose the flag by repairing, recovering, or rolling their car over ...
Exteel - Modes of Play - Player-vs-player Games - Capture The Flag
... to the enemy team's home aerogate and stealing their flag ... The winning team is decided by which side captures the opponent's flag most often, within the 10 minutes of game play ... If both teams capture the same amount of flags, then the match ends in a draw ...
Capture The Flag - Urban Gaming
... Capture the Flag is among the games that have made a recent comeback among adults as part of the urban gaming trend (which includes games like Pac-Manhattan, Fugitive and Manhunt) ... Urban Capture the Flag has been played in cities throughout North America ...

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