• (noun): A conservative advocate of capitalism.
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Rentier Capitalism - Usage By Marxists
... works of Karl Marx the term "rentier" was used juxtaposed to a "capitalist" to show that a rentier essentially uses up all of his profit, whereas a ... himself, and in so doing bring about his own ruin, or become an industrial capitalist..." However, he soon arrives to the understanding of capitalism as inherently built upon ... contrast to industrial profit) and rent (that is the form of landed property created by capitalist production itself) are superfetations which are not essential to capitalist ...
Critical Social Work - Introduction
... implies working towards the transformation of capitalist society towards building social arrangements which are more compatible with these commitments ... in institutional contexts which paradoxically implicates them in maintaining capitalist functions ... Social work seen as an indispensable tool of the capitalist social order ...
Fernando Mateo - Capitalist
... Mateo, in addition to selling his wares to affluent upper West Siders, also marketed his product to those New Yorkers who lived in tenements and high-rise apartments, most of which had unfurnished floors. ...
Socialist Economics - History of Socialist Economic Thought - Das Kapital
... how commodity fetishism obscures the reality of capitalist society ... point in economic theory in one direction went those who rejected the capitalist system as fundamentally anti-social, arguing that it could never be harnessed to effectively realize the fullest ... However, it has several important statements The Law of Value Capitalist production is the production of “an immense multitude of commodities” or generalised commodity production ...
Schumpeterian Growth
... The process serves the basic need of the Capitalist- desire to accumulate surplus value ... innovation for the survival and expansion of the Capitalist Class ... This "creation" thus works as a market driver for the Capitalist, who is now the sole supplier of this new product ...

More definitions of "capitalist":

  • (adj): Of or relating to capitalism or capitalists.
    Example: "A capitalist nation"
    Synonyms: capitalistic
  • (noun): A person who invests capital in a business (especially a large business).
  • (adj): Favoring or practicing capitalism.
    Synonyms: capitalistic

Famous quotes containing the word capitalist:

    ... in a capitalist society a man is expected to be an aggressive, uncompromising, factual, lusty, intelligent provider of goods, and the woman, a retiring, gracious, emotional, intuitive, attractive consumer of goods.
    Toni Cade (b. 1939)

    It has to be acknowledged that in capitalist society, with its herds of hippies, originality has become a sort of fringe benefit, a mere convention, accepted obsolescence, the Beatnik model being turned in for the Hippie model, as though strangely obedient to capitalist laws of marketing.
    Mary McCarthy (1912–1989)