Call For Action

Call For Action is the name given to telephone "help lines" maintained by media outlets in the United States and abroad. The mission of Call For Action is to empower consumers by giving them a voice larger than their own. This is accomplished by volunteers across the country, who are trained to assist consumers through mediation and education in order to resolve problems with businesses, government agencies and other organizations. The services are free, confidential and available to all individuals and small businesses. Call For Action provides broadcast partners with a highly effective, low cost way to serve their community, while generating unique localized content.

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Call For Action - Past Partnerships
... Two celebrated examples of "Call For Action" lines were the ones maintained by WMCA in New York City, with a telephone number of (212) PLaza 9-1717, and by WFIL in Philadelphia, whose Call For ... effect" was that after WMCA discontinued its Call For Action number, the subscriber subsequently assigned that number continued to receive calls asking for it even many years afterward ... with WPVI-TV, which also once held the WFIL call letters) is held by a west Philadelphia pizzeria as of July 2011 ...

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