Caddie, The Story of A Barmaid

Caddie, the Story of a Barmaid is the partially embellished autobiography of Catherine "Caddie" Edmonds, who worked as a barmaid in Sydney during the Great Depression. Published anonymously in 1953 under Edmonds' nickname, which was coined by a lover who likened her to "the sleek body and class of his Cadillac motorcar", Caddie attracted wide critical acclaim upon its original publication in London, and became a bestseller when it was adapted into a feature film in 1976, one year after International Women's Year.

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Caddie, The Story Of A Barmaid - Film, TV or Theatrical Adaptations
... This adaptation removes Caddie's early life story, suggesting she was from a middle class background, as well as a number of other minor adjustments to the storyline ...

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