Bronfenbrenner is a surname, and may refer to:

  • Kate Bronfenbrenner
  • Martin Bronfenbrenner (1914–1997), American economist
  • Urie Bronfenbrenner (1917–2005), American psychologist
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Social Ecological Model
... a conceptual model in the 1970s, formalized as a theory in the 1980s, and continually revised by Bronfenbrenner until his death in 2005, Urie Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Framework for Human ... In his initial theory, Bronfenbrenner postulated that in order to understand human development, the entire ecological system in which growth occurs needs ... In subsequent revisions, Bronfenbrenner acknowledged the relevance of biological and genetic aspects of the person in human development ...
Social Ecological Model - Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Framework For Human Development
... Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Framework for Human Development was first introduced in the 1970s as a conceptual model and became a theoretical model in the 1980s ... Bronfenbrenner stated that “it is useful to distinguish two periods the first ending with the publication of the Ecology of Human Development (1979 ... altered and extended, the heart of Urie Bronfenbrenner’s theory remains the ecological-stressing person-context interrelatedness ...
Kate Bronfenbrenner - Research Focus
... Bronfenbrenner is a highly regarded expert on labor union organizing and collective bargaining strategies ... In 1995, Bronfenbrenner and Juravich co-wrote a second work, 'Union Tactics Matter The Impact of Union Tactics on Certification Elections, First Contracts, and Membership Rates.' Based on ... Bronfenbrenner is also well known for her studies of anti-union tactics utilized by employers in NLRB-sponsored union organizing elections ...
Views Of Lyndon LaRouche And The LaRouche Movement - Economics and Politics - Marxist Roots - Dialectical Economics: An Introduction To Marxist Political Economy
... According to a review by Martin Bronfenbrenner in The Journal of Political Economy, about half of the book was devoted to dialectical philosophy, "with a strong epistemological stress", with the other half ... According to Bronfenbrenner, LaRouche viewed conventional economics as a "withered arm of philosophy", which had taken a wrong turn towards reductionism under the influence of British empiricists such ... definition of reductionism was as follows From this it followed, Bronfenbrenner said, that LaRouche viewed bourgeois economists' concern with prices as reductionism, versus the Marxian concern with values ...
Kate Bronfenbrenner - Life and Education
... Kate Bronfenbrenner was born in Ithaca, New York in 1954 ... Her father was the noted developmental psychologist Urie Bronfenbrenner ... Bronfenbrenner obtained a Bachelor of Science degree from Cornell University in 1976, and earned her doctorate from Cornell in 1993 ...