Breton Regionalist Union - Later Activities

Later Activities

In 1912, Maurice Duhamel left the URB with Emile Masson, Camille Le Mercier d'Erm, François Vallée and Loeiz Herrieu to create the Breton Regionalist Federation. Le Mercier d'Erm and Masson went on to found the Breton Nationalist Party

Yann Fouéré was its vice-president from 1939 to 1945. After 1940, several of its members took part in "Sao Breiz", the Breton section of de Gaulle's Free French forces.

A bulletin edited by the Marquis of Estourbillon appeared from 1902 to 1943. It did not appear during World War I, the majority of the contributors being at the front.

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