Break The Bank (1985 Game Show)

Break The Bank (1985 Game Show)

Break the Bank is a game show created by Richard S. Kline. It aired in syndication from September 16, 1985 to May 23, 1986, with repeats airing until September 12. It was not related to two previous shows by the same name.

The series debuted with Gene Rayburn as host, with Joe Farago taking over in December 1985. Kandace Kuehl was the co-host for the first three shows and was then replaced afterward with 1983 Miss USA winner Julie Hayek. Voice-over artist Michael Hanks was the announcer.

Break the Bank was the first game show produced under the Kline & Friends production company, with former Barry & Enright director Richard S. Kline the executive producer and director of the series. Other former Barry & Enright staffers, including Gary Cox and D.A. Diana, also worked on this show.

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Break The Bank (1985 Game Show) - Episode Status
... All episodes are known to exist ... CBN Cable (now ABC Family) reran episodes of this version from September 1 to December 26, 1986 ...

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