Bounded Context

Some articles on bounded context, context:

Strategic Domain-driven Design - Context Map
... An individual bounded context leaves some problems in the absence of a global view ... The context of other models may still be vague and in flux ... People on other teams won’t be very aware of the context bounds and will unknowingly make changes that blur the edges or complicate the interconnections ...
Strategic Domain-driven Design - Bounded Context
... It is often unclear in what context a model should not be applied ... Therefore Explicitly define the context within which a model applies ...

Famous quotes containing the words context and/or bounded:

    The hard truth is that what may be acceptable in elite culture may not be acceptable in mass culture, that tastes which pose only innocent ethical issues as the property of a minority become corrupting when they become more established. Taste is context, and the context has changed.
    Susan Sontag (b. 1933)

    Me, what’s that after all? An arbitrary limitation of being bounded by the people before and after and on either side. Where they leave off, I begin, and vice versa.
    Russell Hoban (b. 1925)