Bolivian Army

The Bolivian Army or Ejército Boliviano is the land forces component of the Military of Bolivia, the Bolivian Army has around 31,500 men.

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Order Of Battle At Tacna - Allies - Bolivian Army
... Battalion Alianza Battalion (known as the "Bolivian Colorados") (See also Bolivian Colorados Regiment) IV Division (Col ...
Bolivian Army - Uniforms
... Army officers, NCOs, and enlisted personnel wear generally gray or, for tropical areas, gray-green service uniforms ... Army fatigue uniforms were olive green, and combat uniforms were of US woodland pattern camouflage and Desert pattern camouflage ...
Che (film) - Plot - Part 2: Guerrilla
... food and Guevara exercises discipline to resolve conflicts between his Cuban and Bolivian followers ... By Day 113, some of the guerrillas have deserted and the Bolivian Army has discovered their base camp ... On Day 141, the guerrillas capture Bolivian soldiers that refuse to join the revolution and are free to return to their villages ...
CIA Activities In Bolivia - Bolivia 1967
... The Bolivian absorption capacity being what it is, additional military assistance would not now seem advisable ... of Ernesto "Che" Guevara which were based in essence on the Bolivian Army press conference on 10 October attributing Guevara’s death to battle wounds sustained in the clash between ... prevented early or effective treatment by Bolivian soldiers ...
Germán Busch
... Bolivia, March 23, 1904 – August 23, 1939) was a former Bolivian military officer, hero of the Chaco War (1932–35, in which Bolivia was defeated by Paraguay), and ... fearless, and reckless temperament, he seemed to dominate the Bolivian army by force of his personality alone (in addition to his feats of bravery on the field), despite his relatively lower rank ... The reason for this was the constant butting of heads of the Bolivian High Command with Salamanca over the conduct of the war and the issuing of military appointments and promotions ...

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