BNC may refer to:

  • Ballet Nouveau Colorado, a contemporary ballet company based in Broomfield, Colorado
  • Bangalore Cantonment, a railway station in Bangalore, India
  • Bank of North Carolina, a bank based in High Point, North Carolina, USA
  • Banque Nationale du Canada or National Bank of Canada
  • Beni Airport (IATA airport code), in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation, a manufacturer of precision electronic instrumentation with headquarters in San Rafael, California
  • Beth Nielsen Chapman, singer-songwriter and composer
  • Bethany Nazarene College, now called Southern Nazarene University
  • Bindura Nickel Corporation, a Zimbabwe mining company, a subsidiary of Mwana Africa plc
  • Biological, Nuclear, Chemical, types of weapons of mass destruction
  • Banco Nacional de Crédito or Banco Nacional de Crédito, based in Caracas, Venezuela
  • BNC connector (Bayonet Neill-Concelman), a type of RF coaxial cable jack
  • BNC (software), (abbreviation of bouncer) an IRC program functioning as a proxy between an IRC client and a type of computer network proxy redirector
  • Bollack, Netter, et Cie, a French automobile company producing lightweight cars from 1922 until 1935
  • Brasenose College, Oxford, a constituent college of the University of Oxford
  • British National Corpus, a corpus of written and spoken English

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Audio And Video Interfaces And Connectors - Video Connectors
... include Component video aka YPbPr (3 RCA or BNC or D-Terminal) Composite video (1 RCA, Antenna socket, or BNC) DB13W3 ("13W3" computer video connector ...
Audio And Video Interfaces And Connectors - Audio Connectors - BNC
... The BNC (Bayonet Neill Concelman) connector is a very common type of RF connector used for terminating coaxial cable ...
BNC (software)
... A BNC (short for bouncer) is a piece of software that is used to relay traffic and connections in computer networks, much like a proxy ... Using a BNC allows a user to hide the original source of the user's connection, providing privacy as well as the ability to route traffic through a specific location ... A BNC can also be used to hide the true target to which a user connects ...
Audio And Video Interfaces And Connectors - Color Codes
... red RCA/TS analogue audio, right channel orange RCA SPDIF digital audio yellow RCA/BNC composite video red RCA/BNC red or Pr/Cr chrominance green RCA/BNC green or luminance blue RCA/BNC ...
Ballet Nouveau Colorado - Funding
... BNC is also supported in part by the The Scientific and Cultural Facilities District of Adams, Broomfield, and Jefferson Counties and by the Broomfield Community ... BNC also partners with local communities and businesses to assist in fundraising ... One of BNC's partnerships has been with local businessman Don Ferguson, who donated time and services to the ballet company for free ...