Bluebird K7 - Recovery of Bluebird K7 - Restoration and Future Running

Restoration and Future Running

{On Thursday 7th December 2006, Gina Campbell formally gifted Bluebird K7 to the Ruskin Museum on behalf of the whole Campbell family. In agreement with the Campbell Heritage Trust and the museum, Bill Smith is to organize the restoration of the boat, which is now under way. Now the property of the museum, the intention is to rebuild K7 back to running order circa January 4th 1967. Bill has said that this will take a number of years to accomplish. Gina Campbell commented: "I've decided to secure the future of Bluebird for the people of Coniston, the Ruskin Museum and the people of the world". Museum Director Vicky Slowe spoke of Gina's generosity and then said: "Bill has assured us he can get Bluebird fully conserved and reconfigured at no cost to the museum.{As of|2008}}, K7 is being fully restored by The Bluebird Project, to full aerospace standards of working condition in North Shields, Tyne and Wear, using a very high proportion of her original fabric, but with a new engine of the same type albeit incorporating many original components.

As of May 2009 permission has been given for a one off set of proving trials of Bluebird on Coniston Water, where she will be tested to a safe speed for demonstration purposes only. There is no fixed date for completion/the trials. K7 will be housed in her own wing at the Ruskin Museum in Coniston, while remaining under the care of The Bluebird Project.

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