Blue Marlin

Blue marlin may refer to:

  • Atlantic blue marlin, Makaira nigricans
  • Indo-Pacific blue marlin, Makaira mazara, whether or not it is a separate species from Makaira nigricans is currently debated
  • MV Blue Marlin, a heavy transport ship
  • The Blue Marlin, a 1991 fishing video game for the Nintendo Entertainment System

Other articles related to "blue marlin, blue, marlin":

Toyota Land Cruiser - 80 Series
1994 — A limited edition Land Cruiser Blue Marlin FZJ80R was introduced into the Australian market ... The car is blue from the Blue Marlin fish and they have the Blue Marlin logo throughout the car ... Some of the features that the Blue Marlin included were altimeters, power windows, disk brakes, leather gear knob and steering wheel, central locking, leather trim, chrome handles and sidesteps, 16 ...
The Blue Marlin
... The Blue Marlin (ザ‧ブルーマリーン?) is a 1991 fishing video game developed and published by Hot B for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) ... The Blue Marlin features four tournament rounds (one in Florida and the other three in Hawaii) ...
Atlantic Blue Marlin - Taxonomy and Naming
... The Atlantic blue marlin is one of three species in the genus Makaira ... The Atlantic blue marlin is part of the billfish family Istiophoridae and is in the perch-like order Perciformes ... The Atlantic blue marlin was first described in 1802 by Bernard Germain de Lacépède ...
Heavy Lift Ship - Submerging Types
... Eleven years later, MV Blue Marlin transported the U.S ... In 2004, Blue Marlin carried the world's largest semi-submersible oil platform, BP's Thunder Horse PDQ, from the Daewoo Shipbuilding Marine Engineering (DMSE) shipyard in South Korea to ... are owned by the company Dockwise, including Mighty Servant 1, MV Blue Marlin, and MV Black Marlin ...

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