Blood Agar

  • (noun): A culture medium containing whole blood as the nutrient.

Some articles on blood agar, agar:

Tonsillitis - Laboratory Tests
... and the posterior pharyngeal wall and plating them on sheep blood agar medium ... rather than colonization, is defined arbitrarily as the presence of >10 colonies of GABHS per blood agar plate ... be inoculated on a Loeffler slant, tellurite plate, or blood agar plate ...
List of Pathogenic Bacteria By Clinical Characteristics
... of instruments Large, grayish, nonhemolytic colonies with irregular borders on blood agar Direct immunofluorescence Bordetella pertussis Contact with ... Supportive care is sufficient Appropriate food handling Microscopically Blood agar culture, forming double-zone β-hemolysis Sugar fermentation Organic acid production Clostridium tetani ... beef and pasteurizing milk against O157H7 Hand washing and disinfection Culture on MacConkey agar and study carbohydrate fermentation patterns Lactose fermentation (most ...

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