Black Chess

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Miscellaneous Symbols - Tables - Definitions
... Symbols Unicode block Official Name Glyph Unicode # HTML Common meaning Black sun with rays ☀ U+2600 #9728 Clear weather Cloud ☁ U+2601 #9729 Cloud, cloudy weather Umbrella ☂ U+2602 #9730 Umbrella, rainy ... genderless, engaged, betrothed Medium black circle ⚫ U+26AB #9899 Symbol for record function Medium small white circle ⚬ U+26AC #9900 Engaged, betrothed ... #9920 White draughts king ⛁ U+26C1 #9921 Black draughts man ⛂ U+26C2 #9922 Black draughts king ⛃ U+26C3 #9923 Snowman without snow ⛄ U+26C4 #9924 Light snow ...
Chess Symbols In Unicode - Unicode Codepoints and HTML
... Chess symbols are part of the Miscellaneous Symbols block ... Chess Symbols chart (PDF) Name Symbol Codepoint HTML white chess king ♔ U+2654 #9812 white chess queen ♕ U+2655 #9813 white chess ...

Famous quotes containing the words chess and/or black:

    An actress reading a part for the first time tries many ways to say the same line before she settles into the one she believes suits the character and situation best. There’s an aspect of the rehearsing actress about the girl on the verge of her teens. Playfully, she is starting to try out ways to be a grown-up person.
    —Stella Chess (20th century)

    I said there was a society of men among us, bred up from their youth in the art of proving by words multiplied for the purpose, that white is black, and black is white, according as they are paid. To this society all the rest of the people are as slaves.
    Jonathan Swift (1667–1745)