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Doubles (bells) - Permuting The Bells - Call Change Ringing
... learning the physical skills needed to handle their bells without needing to worry about methods ... commands such as "X to Y" or "X and Y" or "X after Y", in which X and Y refer to two of the bells by their numbers (not by their positions in the row) such a call signifies that after the call a pair of ... if calling Up Call, if calling Down 1,2,3,4,5,6 to swap bells 2 and 3 "2 to 3" "3 to Treble" 1,3,2,4,5,6 to swap bells 4 and 5 "4 to 5" "5 to 2" 1,3,2,5,4,6 to ...

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    If we should swap a good library for a second-rate stump speech and not ask for boot, it would be thoroughly in tune with our hearts. For deep within each of us lies politics. It is our football, baseball, and tennis rolled into one. We enjoy it; we will hitch up and drive for miles in order to hear and applaud the vitriolic phrases of a candidate we have already reckoned we’ll vote against.
    —Federal Writers’ Project Of The Wor, U.S. public relief program (1935-1943)

    For mankind, speech with a capital S is especially meaningful and committing, more than the content communicated. The outcry of the newborn and the sound of the bells are fraught with mystery more than the baby’s woeful face or the venerable tower.
    Paul Goodman (1911–1972)