Bell - Signals


  • Bell (school), a signal used for transitions during a school day
  • Church bell, indicating when to go to church
  • Doorbell, a signaling device to alert residents to visitors
  • Division bell, used in a parliament to call members to a vote
  • Last call bell, a signal that a bar is closing soon
  • Ship's bell, a signal for marking time on a ship
  • A signal from an engine order telegraph, a communications device used on a ship or submarine

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... Signal name Signal source Description ad Bussed Address/data bus sel System I/O read/write select write System I/O read/write specifier ack System DMA read/write ...
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... analyzed the evolutionary stability of hosts manipulation through exaggerated signals ... Their model indicated that intensity of parasitic signals must be below a threshold to ensure acceptance from host ... must be below the threshold, if this is not the case, the host can use these signals to identify the parasite ...
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... In electronics, a limiter is a circuit that allows signals below a specified input power to pass unaffected while attenuating the peaks of stronger signals that exceed this input power ... It provides a constant level of signal to the FM demodulator stage, reducing the effect of signal level changes in the output ... If two or more signals are received at the same time, a high performance limiter stage can greatly reduce the effect of the weaker signals on the output ...

Famous quotes containing the word signals:

    The term preschooler signals another change in our expectations of children. While toddler refers to physical development, preschooler refers to a social and intellectual activity: going to school. That shift in emphasis is tremendously important, for it is at this age that we think of children as social creatures who can begin to solve problems.
    Lawrence Kutner (20th century)