Battle of Manila Bay

The Battle of Manila Bay took place on 1 May 1898, during the Spanish-American War. The American Asiatic Squadron under Commodore George Dewey engaged and destroyed the Spanish Pacific Squadron under Admiral Patricio Montojo. The engagement took place in Manila Bay in the Philippines, and was the first major engagement of the Spanish-American War.

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Naval Station Sangley Point - American Period - Battle of Manila Bay
... on the Spanish Fleet in the Philippines, believed to be anchored at Subic Bay ... the USS Maine in Havana, Dewey proceeded to the Philippines and arrived at Subic Bay just before sunset on April 30, 1898 ... was undefendable and had moved the fleet to Manila Bay ...
USS Olympia (C-6) - Service History - Spanish-American War - Battle of Manila Bay
... Dewey—with his flag aboard Olympia—steamed his ships into Manila Bay to confront the Spanish flotilla commanded by Rear Admiral Patricio Montojo y ... gun turret, commanded by Gunners Mate Adolph Nilsson, to open fire, which opened the battle and prompted the other American warships to begin firing ... As a result, the battle quickly became one-sided ...

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