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Postal Voting - All-postal Voting
... is a variant of postal voting, where all electors receive their ballot papers through the post ... Depending on the system applied, electors may have to return their ballot papers by post, or there may be an opportunity to deliver them by hand to a specified location ... only a temporary impact, and that there are dangers in people using ballot papers intended for other electors ...
Robson Rotation
... Rotation is the method of printing multiple ballots for single transferable vote elections, with each having the candidates listed in a different order ... Ordinarily all ballot papers in an election are printed the same, with the candidates' names in a set order ... However, this can give an advantage to the candidates listed highest on the ballot paper, because they will attract a 'donkey vote' ...
Left Alternative - History - Left List Emerges
... "Respect" (and similar registered names) on ballot papers in UK elections ... They could not use the name "Respect" on ballot papers without the signature of the nominating officer ... Instead, both had no label on the ballot papers ...
Greek Elections - Election of The Legislature - Voting
... identify themselves by their ID cards and are given the full number of ballot papers for the constituency plus a blank ballot paper and an empty envelope ... to a secluded cubicle equipped with a lectern, pen and waste basket, where they select the ballot paper of their choice, if any, and mark the candidate(s) of their ... The maximum allowable number of crosses on the ballot paper depends on the number of seats contested ...
Contingent Vote - Examples - Example II
... To do this the ballot papers of Brad and Carter supporters are examined to see which of the two remaining candidates each voter has ranked higher ... The preferences expressed on the ballot papers of Brad and Carter supporters were as follows # 17 voters 22 voters 10 voters 1st Brad Carter Carter 2nd Carter Brad Delilah 3rd Andrea Andrea Brad 4th Delilah Delilah ...

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    We are told it will be of no use for us to ask this measure of justice—that the ballot be given to the women of our new possessions upon the same terms as to the men—because we shall not get it. It is not our business whether we are going to get it; our business is to make the demand.... Ask for the whole loaf and take what you can get.
    Susan B. Anthony (1820–1906)