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Functional Requirements For Authority Data
... Functional Requirements for Authority Data (FRAD), formerly known as Functional Requirements for Authority Records (FRAR) is a conceptual entity-relationship model developed ... in context Justify Document the authority record creator’s reason for choosing the name or form of name on which an access point is based ... Requirements and Numbering of Authority Records (FRANAR) is also charged to study the feasibility of an International Standard Authority Data Number (ISADN) and serve as the ...
Authority Control - Authority Records and Files
... A customary way of enforcing authority control in a bibliographic catalog is to set up a separate index of authority records, which relates to and governs the headings used in the main catalog ... index is often referred to as an "authority file." It contains an indexable record of all decisions made by cataloguers in a given library (or — as is increasingly the case ... As a result, the records contain documentation about sources used to establish a particular preferred heading, and may contain information discovered ...

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    My confessions are shameless. I confess, but do not repent. The fact is, my confessions are prompted, not by ethical motives, but intellectual. The confessions are to me the interesting records of a self-investigator.
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    The idea of feminine authority is so deeply embedded in the human subconscious that even after all these centuries of father-right the young child instinctively regards the mother as the supreme authority. He looks upon the father as equal with himself, equally subject to the woman’s rule. Children have to be taught to love, honor, and respect the father.
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