Authorization (also spelt Authorisation) is the function of specifying access rights to resources, which is related to information security and computer security in general and to access control in particular. More formally, "to authorize" is to define access policy. For example, human resources staff are normally authorized to access employee records, and this policy is usually formalized as access control rules in a computer system. During operation, the system uses the access control rules to decide whether access requests from (authenticated) consumers shall be approved (granted) or disapproved (rejected). Resources include individual files' or items' data, computer programs, computer devices and functionality provided by computer applications. Examples of consumers are computer users, computer programs and other devices on the computer.

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Caldon Canal - History
... area, the company sought an Act of Parliament to authorise construction of the new works, which it obtained in May 1776 ... A second Act of Parliament was obtained in 1783 to authorise a new tramway, and to extend the canal by 530 yards (480 m), which included the Froghall tunnel ... long, and was funded out of revenue, as the Act did not authorise the raising of additional capital ...
Article 153 Of The Constitution Of Malaysia - Full Text of Article 153
... the purpose of ensuring such a reservation- (a) deprive or authorise the deprivation of any person of any right, privilege, permit or licence accrued to or enjoyed or ...
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1801, an Act of Parliament was obtained to authorise its replacement ... When a bill to authorise the building of Hull docks was before Parliament, the commissioners unsuccessfully attempted to insert a clause giving free passage to boats from the Navigation which passed through the ... Plans were drawn up for further improvements in 1855, but the bill to authorise the work was defeated over concerns about flooding ...
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... Superintendent or Chief Constable however certain higher ranks are given administrative powers to authorise certain police actions ... In England and Wales, these include the powers to authorise the continued detention of up to 24 hours of a person arrested for an offence and brought to a police station (granted to Sergeants and above at ...
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... Tramways Extension Act 1880 No 11a "An Act to authorise the construction and maintenance of Tramways along certain Streets and Highways in the City and Suburbs of Sydney and elsewhere ... Loan Act of 1896 No 33a "An Act to authorise the raising of a Loan for the Public Service of the Colony, and for other purposes ... Loan Act of 1897 No 43 "An Act to authorise the raising of a Loan for the Public Service of the Colony, and for other purposes ...

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    I cannot give advice. How can I when I do not authorise success. I authorise it alright. Smile.
    Gertrude Stein (1874–1946)