Author Surrogate

As a literary technique, an author surrogate is a fictional character who expresses the ideas, questions, personality and morality of the author. On occasion, authors insert themselves under their own name into their works, typically for humorous or surrealistic effect.

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Author Surrogate - Other Uses
... been used in a different sense, meaning the principal author of a multi-author document ...

Famous quotes containing the words surrogate and/or author:

    Detachment is the prerogative of an elite; and as the dandy is the nineteenth century’s surrogate for the aristocrat in matters of culture, so Camp is the modern dandyism. Camp is the answer to the problem: how to be a dandy in the age of mass culture.
    Susan Sontag (b. 1933)

    The world is forever babbling of originality; but there never yet was an original man, in the sense intended by the world; the first man himself—who according to the Rabbins was also the first author—not being an original; the only original author being God.
    Herman Melville (1819–1891)