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Library System and Museums

The Ateneo library system comprises several libraries housed in the Loyola Heights campus, and the Professional Schools campus. The university's main library is the Rizal Library, located in Loyola Heights. The Ateneo Professional Schools Library, on the other hand is housed in the Professional Schools building. Also included in the library system are the libraries of the Ateneo Grade School, High School, and those of the East Asian Pastoral Institute and the Loyola School of Theology which hold large collection of books in religious studies. Libraries of other Jesuit universities in Naga, Zamboanga, Davao and Cagayan de Oro are likewise linked to the Ateneo de Manila Libraries.

As of 2007, the Rizal Library's resources are estimated at more than 500,000 materials. The library also keeps rare Filipiniana materials, which include a permanent exhibit of Rizal memorabilia, the Trinidad Pardo de Tavera collection, the American Historical Collection, the Ateneo Library of Women's Writings (ALIWW) and other special collections and manuscripts by Filipino scholars, writers, and artists are likewise housed. A new five-storey Rizal Library building was completed in 2009, and opened in November of the same year. The new building houses the library's circulation section, the undergraduate and graduate reserve sections, the multimedia collection, the periodicals collection, the Japanese collection, online database access terminals, an information commons, and the Library's technical services facilities. The former Rizal Library building will now be known as the Rizal Library Special Collection, and houses the Microform Reading Center, Art Book Collection, Filipiniana Section, American Historical Collection, the Ateneo Library of Women's Writings, the Pardo de Tavera Collection, and the Theses and Dissertations collection.

The Professional Schools Library holds one of the largest collection of materials in the fields of law, business and government in the Philippines.

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