Armenian Evangelical Union

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Armenian Evangelical Church - Armenian Evangelical Unions
... Union of the Armenian Evangelical Churches in the Near East (UAECNE, 1924) Armenian Evangelical Union of North America (AEUNA, 1971) Armenian Evangelical ...
Heinzenhausen - Religion
... Of the 146 inhabitants in 1825, 76 were Evangelical and 70 were Catholic ... In 1961, of the 336 inhabitants that were counted, 289 were Evangelical and only 45 were Catholic ... This can be explained by the arrival of many Evangelical families during the 19th century ...
Armenian Evangelical Union Of North America
... The Armenian Evangelical Union of North America resulted from the merger of the Armenian Evangelical Union of Eastern States and Canada (founded in 1901) and the Armenian Evangelical Union of ... It traces its history to the reform movement within the Armenian Apostolic Church resulting in the founding on July 1, 1846, of the first Armenian Evangelical Church by 37 men and 3 women in Pera (near ...
Evangelical-Augsburg Church Lublin
... The Evangelical-Augsburg Holy Trinity Church in Lublin – is the fourth largest community of the Evangelical-Augsburg Church in Poland in the Warsaw Diocese ...
Eugen Sachsse
... Friedrich Ferdinand Sachsse (August 20, 1839 – December 20, 1917) was a German Evangelical theologian born in Cologne ... to 1913, he was a professor of practical theology to the Evangelical Theological Faculty at the University of Bonn ... Doctrine of religious education according to evangelical principles), 1897 Das Christentum und der moderne Geist (Christianity and the modern spirit), 1906 ...

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