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Local Conventions For Writing Telephone Numbers - Europe - United Kingdom
... (Discuss) Dialling codes (also known as "area codes") are typically surrounded by parentheses, indicating that they are optional for local callers, and are followed by the customer's telephone number ... Parentheses are not normally used on non-geographic area codes and mobile phone numbers ... Codes with the form 02x are followed by 8-digit local numbers and should be written as (02x) AAAA AAAA ...
Telephone Numbers In Belgium - Overview and Structure
... Area codes in Belgium are, excluding the leading '0', one or two digits long ... length landlines have a seven-digit subscriber number and a one-digit area code, while smaller cities have a six-digit subscriber number and a two-digit area code ... within Belgium must use the leading '0' trunk code ...
List Of Pennsylvania Area Codes
... This is a list of telephone area codes in the state of Pennsylvania. 215 The city of Philadelphia and its immediately surrounding areas in the southeast corner of Pennsylvania directly to its north 412 The city of Pittsburgh and its immediately surrounding ... Area code 835 is planned as an additional overlay to 610 ...
Local Conventions For Writing Telephone Numbers - Asia - Japan
... convention for phone numbers is (0AA) BBB-BBBB, where 0AA is the area code and BBB-BBBB is the subscriber number ... format is very similar to the North American numbering plan, however, the country has a trunk code of 0 instead of 1, so international callers (using +81) do not have to dial ... Densely populated areas have shorter area codes, while rural areas have longer area codes, however, the last two digits of a five digit long area code (including the first zero) may also be the first two digits ...
List Of South Carolina Area Codes
... Carolina is served by the following area codes 803, which serves central South Carolina, including Columbia 843, which serves eastern and coastal South Carolina 864, which ...

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