Arapesh Languages

The Arapesh languages are several closely related Torricelli languages of the 32,000 Arapesh people of Papua New Guinea.

They are among the better-studied of Papuan languages and are most distinctive in their gender systems, which contain up to thirteen genders (noun classes) with noun-phrase concordance. Mufian has 17 noun classes for count nouns plus two extra noun classes, i.e. proper names and place names.

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Arapesh Languages - Grammar
... Recent shifts have moved Arapesh languages from the typical Papuan SOV to a SVO order, along with a corresponding shift in adpositional order ... The language's unique gender system is largely based on the ending of the noun ... The whole gender system, unlike most of comparable complexity in Niger–Congo languages is sex-based Gender IV is for all female beings and Gender ...

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