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Cardinal Numbers

Numerals are listed in the following table:

Araki English
mo hese 'one'
mo dua 'two'
mo rolu 'three'
mo v̼ari 'four'
mo lim̼a 'five'
mo haion(o) 'six'
mo haip̼iru 'seven'
mo haualu 'eight'
mo haisua 'nine'
mo sagavul(u) 'ten'
mo sagavul comana mo hese 'evelen'
mo sagavul comana mo dua 'twelve'
mo gavul dua 'twenty'
mo gavul dua mo hese 'twenty one'
mo gavul rolu 'thirty'
mo gavul haip̼iru 'seventy'
mo gavul sagavulu 'one hundred'
mo gavul sagavulu mo sagavulu 'one hundred and ten'
mo gavul sagavulu dua 'two hundred'
mo gavul sagavulu sagavulu 'one thousand'

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