Araki Language

Araki Language

Araki is a nearly extinct language spoken in the small island of Araki (locally known as ), south of Espiritu Santo Island in Vanuatu. Araki is gradually being replaced by Tangoa, a language from a neighbouring island.

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Araki Island - Language
... The native inhabitants of Araki Island speak a unique language, called Araki after the island ... The language is growing extinct, as a result of contact of its speakers with neighbouring languages ... there are about 5 native speakers of Araki language ...
Araki Language - Language Preservation
... Dialogue announced its intention to focus on preserving the Araki language ... This language is cited as an example, among many others, of the situation of language endangerment which the Chirac Foundation aims at addressing, especially through its programme “So ... Sorosoro is itself an Araki word, meaning “breath, speech, language” ...

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