App(s) commonly refers to:

  • Application software, also called an app, software for specific purposes
  • Mobile app, applications software for mobile devices

App(s) or APP may also refer to:

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Leonard Maltin's Movie Guide - App
... The mobile application version of the guide was released, in 2009, to the App Store. ...
Super Poke! - History of SuperPoke! Pets
... Slide soon began experimenting with the early app by first releasing gold items in which an app owner could buy gold bars (virtual cash) with real money ... work on their own website titled or which gave spp app owners on all social networking sites a choice of becoming an spp member for free, so that members could unite into ... the social networks, and participate in activities and features the network apps did not offer ...
Sporcle - Mobile App
23, 2010, Sporcle released an iPhone application which had 250 games to the App Store ... Later in 2010, Sporcle released an app on the Android Market ... Besides the incorporation of Android styles, it is mostly identical to the iPhone app ...
APP - People With Surname App or Apps
... Alfred Apps, Canadian lawyer Austin App (1902–1984), a German-American academic and Holocaust denier Deon Apps (born 1987), Australian rugby league ...
Super OS - Tools and Software - App Runner
... App Runner is a script included in Super OS that allows most executable programs or scripts to be launched without having to use the command line ... Lifehacker ran an article about it, saying "App Runner would come in handy" and "there's plenty of scripts and closed-source apps that this would be useful for" ...