Anime Complex

Anime Complex was a series of omnibus anime shows broadcast on WOWOW and KIDS STATION. It featured two unrelated series from various producers (notably Bandai Visual and Pony Canyon) of 15 minutes each per airing, and cycled as one series ended. It had three runs from 1998 to 2001.

The first, Anime Complex, was broadcast on WOWOW from April 6 to September 28, 1998. It aired the following anime:

  • Neo Ranga
  • The Adventures of Mini-Goddess
  • Maico 2010

The program was a large success, leading to a second program, Anime Complex II, which cycled shows as they ended. In the course of its run (October 5, 1998 to April 4, 2000), it contained the following shows:

  • Kurogane Communication
  • D4 Princess
  • Neo Ranga
  • Omishi Magical Theater: Risky Safety
  • Steel Angel Kurumi

There was another series, called Anime Complex Night, which aired on April 7, 2001 to June 29, 2001 (Season 1) on WOWOW; and April 2, 2002 to June 29, 2002 (Season 2) on KIDS STATION. It featured the following:

  • Hanaukyo Maid Team (season 1) - cancelled
  • Steel Angel Kurumi 2 (season 1)
  • Rizelmine (season 2)
  • Steel Angel Kurumi Pure (season 2) - live

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