Andronikos III

Andronikos III may refer to:

  • Andronikos III Palaiologos (1297–1341), Byzantine emperor 1328–1341
  • Andronikos III of Trebizond (1310–1332), Emperor of Trebizond from 1330 to 1332

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iii" class="article_title_2">Syrgiannes Palaiologos - Biography - Support of Andronikos III
... following the death of Michael IX Palaiologos (eldest son of Andronikos II and co-emperor from 1295 on), his son Andronikos III was crowned as co-emperor by Andronikos II ... Although initially popular with his grandfather, the younger Andronikos and his entourage of young nobles, to which Syrgiannes belonged, had by that time caused the elder emperor's displeasure by their extravagance ... young emperor's younger brother, Manuel enraged, the elder Andronikos annulled his grandson's titles, and a deep personal rift was opened between the two ...
Byzantium Under The Palaiologoi - Andronikos III, 1328–1341 - Legacy
... ultimately unsuccessful, the reign of Andronikos III was one of the last bright spots in Byzantine history, as the Empire's position was becoming increasingly precarious ... a general decline in the Empire's fortunes, Andronikos III's death would be the coup de grâce for the Empire — his 10-year-old son was led by a regency that was torn apart in dynastic rivalries ...
Anna Of Savoy - Marriage
... She was betrothed to Andronikos III Palaiologos, during which time time he was involved in a civil war with his paternal grandfather Andronikos II Palaiologos ... In 1328, Andronikos III entered Constantinople and finally deposed his grandfather ... Andronikos III and Anna had four children Maria (renamed Eirene) Palaiologina (1327 – after 1356), who married Michael Asen IV оf Bulgaria ...
Byzantium Under The Palaiologoi - Andronikos II Palaiologos, 1282–1328 - Civil War and Abdication
... Andronikos II's policies were not successful in dealing with Byzantium's external problems however, it would be threats from within the Empire that led to his abdication — in ... Andronikos III's brother had been murdered and his father (Michael IX), the son of Andronikos II, died of shock ... Andronikos III did not take his disinheritance lightly — organizing an armed opposition, he succeeded in drawing support with promises of generous tax cuts, even beyond those enacted by Andronikos II ...
Alexios Philanthropenos - Biography - Governor of Lesbos
... since he was dismissed from the same post in 1328 by Andronikos III Palaiologos. 1335, Lesbos was seized by a Latin army under the Genoese Lord of Phocaea, Domenico Cattaneo, and Andronikos III raised a fleet of 83 ships to recover the island, which arrived in ... Gregoras as the "Belisarius of the Palaiologan era", Alexios Philanthropenos was left by Andronikos III as governor of the island, where he lived until his death, which occurred probably in the 1340s ...

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