Ament may refer to:

  • Ament (botany), a cylindrical flower cluster
  • Imentet, an ancient Egyptian funerary goddess

People with the surname Ament:

  • Jeff Ament (born 1963), American rock bassist
  • Pat Ament (born 1946), American rock climber
  • Tom Ament (born 1937), American politician
  • Vanessa Ament (born 1955), American Foley artist and author
  • William Scott Ament (born 1851), controversial American missionary to China criticized by Mark Twain

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Twain–Ament Indemnities Controversy - Reactions To The Controversy - Further Responses
1901 ABCFM Board secretary Dr Judson Smith silenced Ament, as he believed further comments were damaging Ament and his colleagues ... Smith attempted a final defence of Ament and the other missionaries in May in an essay entitled "The Missionaries and Their Critics." ...
Attack At Ament's Cabin
... The Attack at Ament's Cabin was an event during the Black Hawk War that occurred on 17 or June 18, 1832 ... Ament and his brother in 1829, although Ament's brother was quickly bought out by Elijah Phillips ... After the 1832 Black Hawk War broke out, Ament and Phillips evacuated the site but later returned to collect belongings ...
Twain–Ament Indemnities Controversy - Assessment of Ament
... Joseph Twichell in June 1901, Twain was unrepentant, referring to "Christian pirates like Ament and professional hypocrites and liars like Rev ... I would bar no other country." A recent biography portrays Ament in a sympathetic light but concludes that he was "a brave and resourceful man whose heroism was ...
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... Why Go" (Eddie Vedder, Jeff Ament) – 327 "Corduroy" (Dave Abbruzzese, Ament, Stone Gossard, Mike McCready, Vedder) – 429 "Save You" (Ament, Matt Cameron, Gossard ...
Twain–Ament Indemnities Controversy - Reactions To The Controversy - Newspaper Retractions - New York Times
... February 1901, the New York Times issued a retraction after receiving a different account of Ament's actions from Dr Judson Smith of the ABCFM, based on Ament's letter of 13 ... The Times reported that in Ament's own letter he indicated the compensation for the losses of the converts obtained by him had been "by appealing to the sense of justice among the villages where ...