Alpha Trion

Alpha Trion is a fictional character in the various Transformers universes.

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Vector Prime (Transformers) - Character History - Transformers: Cybertron - Fun Publications
... to Cybertron to update the ancient Autobot Alpha Trion on their progress ... Ramjet, but was unable to prevent Alpha Trion and the mega-computer Vector Sigma from being damaged ... With the heralds' plan foiled, Vector Prime took Skyfall to Alpha Trion's chamber for repairs, and then (apparently inadvertently) returned to rejoin Optimus Prime’s forces on ...
Sixwing - Transformers: Generation 1 - Animated Series
... Alpha Trion sacrificed himself, merging with Vector Sigma itself to give them life ... past, they witnessed death of a young Autobot named Orion Pax, who was rebuilt by Alpha Trion as their leader, Optimus Prime ... the truth was revealed - A-3 was a young Alpha Trion, and they had just won the first battle in the Transformer rebellion against their masters ...
Vector Sigma - Generation 1
... Stealing the key to Vector Sigma from Alpha Trion, he succeeded in reactivating the computer and giving his creations sentience ... then followed suit with the creation of the Aerialbots, and Alpha Trion gave up his own life to reactivate Vector Sigma so that they might be given life ... Plague), Optimus Prime reactivated Vector Sigma, and conversed with Alpha Trion within the machine, learning of the computer's plans ...
Alpha Trion - Toys
... Universe Deluxe Alpha Trion (unreleased) There were plans to create a Transformers Universe Botcon-exclusive toy called Alpha Trion who was a repaint of Beast Machines Snarl ... Timelines Voyager Alpha Trion with Beta Maxx (2007) There is a 2007 BotCon-exclusive repaint of Vector Prime that has a unique head mold that is shaped like ... The sword of Alpha Trion is Purple as well ...
Skyfall (Transformers) - Transformers: Energon - Fun Publications
... After processing the three Autobots were greeted by the ancient Autobot Alpha Trion and taught in the ways of outworlders in Axiom Nexus ... Joining with Alpha Trion's group and his technician Topspin they raided Shockwave's lab and recovered Breakaway, then escaped to his homeworld through a dimensional portal ... Just before leaving Alpha Trion stabed Skyfall through the chest with his sword ...

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