Allan Coelho - The End of Hi-NRG Era


The End of Hi-NRG Era

Coelho produced "La Bamba" for the Hi-NRG band Tierra in early 1987. In late 1987, he produced "The Main Attraction" for Yoh-Yo. In early 1988, Coelho co-produced "Humpty Dumpty" for Rainbow with Hernani Raposo. In late 1988, Coelho and Raposo were the main producers for the Canadian-Mexican band, Click which composed of three women. They wrote "Duri Duri" (also known as "Baila Baila" in the UK, Japan, and Mexico. They also made the song "Alto y Peligroso." In early 1989, Coelho and Raposo went their separate ways after the Click's popularity flourished and they went their separate ways, and Coelho went with Mexican DJ, and choreographer, Tony Barrera. Barrera was a DJ with the Mexican soundsystem, Polymarchs.

Allan Coelho, along with Tony Barrera, started composing music for Barrera's soundsystem, Polymarchs with hits like

  • Asi me gusta a Mi
  • La Obscuridad
  • Bip-Bop
  • Me Exitas
  • Te Necesito Baby
  • Rap De Polymarchs

and many more. With Tony Barrera in the main vocals, the songs gained popularity starting in 1991 and until late 1996, where Barrera decided to stop composing for a couple of years, and opened up his own nightclub. In May 1998, Coelho was shocked to hear that Tony Barrera was found strangled to death in a hotel room in Southern Mexico City.

After Barrera's death in 1998, Coelho went silent for 6 years, and in 2003 decided to reform Tapps with Tony and Candy, but was unsuccessful, later Coelho found a new vocalist and began to tour the world as Tapps in 2003.

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