Alert Level

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Mount Ngauruhoe - Recent Activity
... Ngauruhoe is no longer showing signs of any significant unrest and the Volcanic Alert Level has been reduced to zero (typical background activity) ... activity in May 2006 prompted the alert level to be raised to one (signs of volcano unrest) ... earthquakes close to Ngauruhoe has declined to the background level ...
DEFCON (video Game) - Gameplay - Pacing and DEFCON Levels
... Gameplay begins at alert level DEFCON 5 and counts down to DEFCON 1 (the highest alert level) ... Each upgrade in alert level brings more possibilities ... DEFCON level Status Reached 5 No hostile action ...
Swine Influenza - H1N1 Virus Pandemic History
... the World Health Organization raised the worldwide pandemic alert level to Phase 6 for swine flu, which is the highest alert level ... This alert level means that the swine flu had spread worldwide and there were cases of people with the virus in most countries ... The pandemic level identifies the spread of the disease or virus and not necessarily the severity of the disease ...

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    It is the American vice, the democratic disease which expresses its tyranny by reducing everything unique to the level of the herd.
    Henry Miller (1891–1980)

    Good guilt is a product of love and responsibility. It is a natural, positive instinct that parents and good child care providers have. If bad guilt is a monster, good guilt is a friendly fairy godmother, yakking away in your head to keep you alert to the needs of your baby.
    Jean Marzollo (20th century)