Albinism in Popular Culture - Albinism and Fiction

Albinism and Fiction

Note: These lists do not include characters whose appearance is reminiscent of albininism, but for reasons other than actual albinism. These include but are not limited to aliens, the undead, magical beings, unusually-colored anime/manga characters, etc. An exception is characters commonly perceived to be albinistic.

A number of movies, books and other works have been criticized for albino bias, as they associate the uncommon features of albinistic people (pale skin, white hair, and unpigmented eyes) with danger, terror, or criminality. Less frequently they are depicted as the harmless butt of jokes and ridicule, as maladjusted and undersocializled, or as "freaks". They may also actually be portrayed positively, even heroically – a more recent counter-trend.

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Albinism In Popular Culture - Albinism and Fiction - Other References To Albinism
... At one party, a man with albinism comes up to James and talks to him, saying "I really am an albino" (although played by Reg Vermue, who has normal pigment ...
National Organization For Albinism And Hypopigmentation - Conferences and National Events
... of the country, NOAH national conferences provide the albinism community with unparalleled opportunities to connect with one another, to share experiences, to learn about current research and to ... Session topics address issues over a variety of issues relating to albinism, including genetic research, vision testing, educational concerns, employment, makeup, social issues and technology ... Because the condition of albinism is rare and many people with albinism are the only ones in their families or communities, NOAH conferences are unique in that they offer people with ...
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... Persecution of people with albinism is based on the belief that certain body parts of albinistic people transmit magical powers ... As a result, people with albinism have been persecuted, killed and dismembered, and graves of albinos dug up and desecrated ... At the same time, people with albinism have also been ostracised and even killed for exactly the opposite reason, because they are presumed to be cursed and bring bad luck ...
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... Albinism (from Latin albus, "white" see extended etymology, also called achromia, achromasia, or achromatosis) is a congenital disorder characterized by the complete or partial ... Albinism results from inheritance of recessive gene alleles and is known to affect all vertebrates, including humans ... Albinism is associated with a number of vision defects, such as photophobia, nystagmus and astigmatism ...
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... Many animals with albinism lack their protective camouflage and are unable to conceal themselves from their predators or prey the survival rate of animals with albinism in the wild is usually ... In what used to be called "partial albinism" but more often termed leucism there can be a single patch or patches of skin that lack melanin ... pigeons), because of the presence of other pigments unaffected by albinism such as porphyrins, pteridines and psittacins, as well as carotenoid pigments derived from the diet ...

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