Akebono (曙?) is a Japanese noun that means "dawn" or "daybreak"..

It may also refer to:

  • Akebono (genus), a fly genus in the family Sciomyzidae or Phaeomyiidae
  • Akebono (satellite), a geomagnetosphere observation satellite
  • Akebono scale, a common scale used in Japanese music.
  • Akebono (train), a sleeping-car train in Japan
  • Akebono Tarō, a retired sumo wrestler

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... At the time of the attack on Pearl Harbor, Akebono was assigned to Destroyer Division 7 of the IJN 1st Air Fleet, but was unable to participate in the attack due to a damaged propeller, and was held in ... Repairs completed by mid-January 1942, Akebono was part of the escort for the aircraft carriers Hiryū and Japanese aircraft carrier Sōryū during air strikes ... On 1 March, at the Battle of the Java Sea, Akebono assisted in sinking the HMS Exeter (68), HMS Encounter (H10), and USS Pope (DD-225) ...
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